Nail Care Services


~ $35

Our Certified Esthetician will start you off with a hot stone soak, removal of cuticles and shape/buff the nails. Followed by a hand Massage using organic fruit lotion and choice of polish color from Zoya Nail Polish Collection.

Spa Manicure

~ $50

Addition to the classic manicure, hands and nails will be treated with an Organic Citrus Scrub, Avocado Cuticle Oil and paraffin treatment which is infused with Shea butter, Cocoa, Mineral Oil and Vitamin E.


~ $55

Feet are placed in heated bubble soak. Nails are shaped, cuticles are treated, and calloused, dry skin is buffed off using a foot paddle. Feet will be exfoliated with an Organic Citrus Scrub and followed with a gentle massage using organic fruit lotion . A unique balance of vitamins, nutrients, essential oils, the therapy lotion to help repair dry, damaged skin. Finalized and polished to perfection with a Zoya nail color of choice.

Spa Pedicure

~ $70

Addition to the classic pedicure, feet will absorb the QTICA Moisture foot mask, a skin-rejuvenating cocktail of anti-oxidants, Shea butter and White Tea Extract. Topping this indulgence spa treatment off is the hot paraffin wax; feet cannot resist this extra treat!


~ $65

World’s First Pediceutical Foot Care Line. Footlogix Pediceuticals uses a new science called Dermal Integration Technology® to improve the effectiveness of its foot care products so they can penetrate quickly into the skin to rejuvenate, repair, and moisturize. FOOTLOGIXS® is technical enough to use in a Medi-Spa, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive spa client. Formulated to treat very dry skin, cracked heels, tough callous and anti-fungal.

Paraffin Dip

~ $15

A warm wax infused with Shea butter, Cocoa, Mineral Oil and Vitamin E. It helps with circulation, Arthritis and locks in moisture. Add the treatment to any service for the Ultimate Sweet Treat.

Polish Application

~ $15

Choose from a variety of colors from our Zoya polish collection that is perfect for you.

French Polish (add-on)

~ $8

Artificial Nail Services

Gel Sculpted Full Set

~ $75

A chosen nail length will be sculpted with gel by a fitted nail form. The Nails will be shaped to desired preference and color of choice will be applied. Service finalized with Vida Dulce's Organic Kiwi lotion and massage.

Gel Fill

~ $50

Gel nails will be filed down and re-shaped to desired length. A new color or french will be applied. A clear coat of gel will re-structure the nail. Finalized with a top gel coat to re-shine and finish the nails. Followed with our Organic Kiwi lotion and massage.

Gel French Toes

~ $50

Nails and cuticles are prepped. French or full color is applied to toe nails and sealed with clear gel for added strength. Cuticles are topped with cuticle oil to moisture and re-barrier the skin.

Gel Nail Removal

~ $25

Gel nails will be filed down and the natural nails will be buffed and moisturized. Followed by a strengthening layer of Spa Ritual nail strengthener. Finalized with a hand massage using our Organic Kiwi lotion.

Nail Replacement

~ $8+

A sculpted gel nail is made individually on hands or feet. Cracked nails, missing toe nails due to ingrown removal(etc).

Gelish Permanent Polish

Gelish Full Set

~ $50

Nails and cuticles will be prepped. A chip free, smudge free, permanent gel polish is cured under an LED Light. Your color of choice from an assortment of 100+ gelish colors.

Gelish Fill

~ $40

A pre-soaked wrap will be applied to the nail plate to dissove the gelish polish. A new color of choice will be re-applied and the nails and cuticles will be treated. Followed by a cuticle oil and hand massage.

Gelish Pedique

~ $50

Cuticles are topped with cuticle oil to moisture and barrier the skin. Toes (toe nails), cuticle nail plate will be prpped and your gelish color of preference will be applied.

*This Service does not include a pedicure.

Add-On Gelish w/Pedicure

~ $18

Add this permanent gel polish as an addition to your pedicure. Get Chip Free, long lasting, smudge free gelish in your choice of color.

Facial & Body Treatments

Freshen Up Facial


Classic European Facial


Seaweed Facial Mask


As an Add-On to any Facial

Opti-Firm Eye Treatment

$25 Add-on

Hydra Dew Facial - Dry Skin


Hydra Medic Acne Facial


VC5 Anti-Aging Facial


Bio-Light Brightening Facial


Body Scrub


Body Wrap


Advanced Facial & Body Treatments

Eternal Facial Treatment

$400 Set x4

Promotes new skin stem cells, the ultimate facial for radiant, firmer skin.

Corrective Facial Treatment

$500 Set x4

Cosmetic treatment which removes wrinkles, even the deepest ones, and rejuvenates the facial expression, restoring the skin's firm youthful appearance.

Body Slindy Contouring Wrap

$450 Set x6

Lipo-Fat burning hydro concentrate reduces fat deposit. Infused cinnamon extract body remodeling bandages redefine the body's figure. Lipo-draining massage reduces cellulite.

Make-up Application

Make-Up Trial

~ $25

A consultation will be set up to discuss the look you are acquiring to achieve for your special event. Will determine and suggest any Mirabella products that will suit and enchance the desired look.

Make-Up Application

~ $50

You will be given a professional application using our Mirabella Make-Up line to enhance a desired Make-Up look.

Make-Up Lesson

~ $60

Our Certified Make-Up Artist will take you through a step-by-step tutorial. You will come out of the lesson with the knowledge of foundation application; eyeshadow and color match based on your skin type. A variation of individual looks can be taught during the Make-Up lesson if specified (ie: smokey eye, day-to-night, 2min routine).

Tinting Services

What is Tinting?

Tinting is the darkening of the eyelashes and eyebrow hairs to enhance the definition and bring out the eye area. For those who want to stray away from cosmetics, tinting intensifies even the darker hair color and gives it a longer and bolder natural look.

Tinting Benefits:

* Natural Look
* For those who are sensitive to make-up
* For those who wear contact lenses
* Organic Soy Wax dye


* Hides greys
* Can last 6-8 weeks
* Less time to apply make-up
* For those who are athletic

Eyebrow Tint

~ $15

A specially formulated dye is applied to the eyebrows based on skin tone, hair color and personal preference.

Eyelash Tint

~ $25

A specially formulated dye is applied to darken the eyelashes based on skin tone, hair color and personal preference.

Eyebrow Wax/Brow Tint

~ $25

Our Certified Esthetician will evalute and define your eyebrows using an Organic Soy Wax and Combinal eyebrow dye.

Eyelash Tint/Eyebrow Tint

~ $35

Our Certified Esthetician will evaluate your eyebrows and eyelashes then proceed by using our specially formulated dye.

Waxing Services

Click Here for EpilFree Waxing Services

Eyebrow Re-Shaping

~ $20

Eyebrow UpKeep

~ $15

Upper Lip Wax

~ $10

Chin Wax

~ $15

Full Face                             

~ $50

Under Arm Wax

~ $25

Bikini Wax

~ $40+

Brazilian Wax

~ $65

Half Leg Wax

~ $50

Full Leg Wax

~ $50

Full Leg w/Bikini Wax

~ $100 +

Full Leg w/Brazilian

~ $125 +

* Other Waxing Available

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions add length and thickness to the natural eyelash. An application of Mink Eyelash Extensions are applied and isolated to individual eyelashes one by one. Extensions come in various lengths, colors and thickness. The procedure to attach the extensions takes an average of two hours for a full set of roughly 50-100 lashes per eye.

Eyelashes Full Set

~ $175

Lash Fill ( 2 weeks )

~ $50

Lash Fill ( 3 weeks )

~ $65

Lash Fill (4 weeks )

~ $85+

Organic Tan™

Our all-natural tanning formula works with your skin to bring out your unique, natural pigments. We customize your tan to your specific skin type, tone and preference. Our technique and solution has been perfected to insure a natural, even brown tan everytime!

Tanning Prep

  • Before your organic tanning session, shower and exfoliate face and body.
    Ideally, this should be done a minimum of 1 day before your appointment.
  • It is best to not use oil-based exfoliates or lotions prior to your OrganicTan, because they will block the tanning process, leaving a residue between your skin and the tanning solution. Loofah gloves or dry brushing is suggested for body.
  • For best results, please wax or shave 1 day before.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing after the session if possible.
  • There is little to no rub of bronzer inside your clothing.
    Even so, it is still best NOT to wear WHITE for your airbrush tanning session.

Tanning and After Care

  • We will begin with a brief consultation to establish your tanning needs. Your “personal Organic Tan” is then custom blended for your skin type.
  • Next you will be airbrushed with soothing and healing anti-oxidants such as green-tea, organic essential oils, herbs and aloe vera.
  • Your palms, feet, cuticles, and elbows will be prepped with organic lotions and oils.
  • You are welcome to wear whatever you feel good in. The product will not stain any of your clothing or sheets. Some clients go nude and some wear dark bra’s and panties.
  • For females- the choice is yours. Men MUST wear a thong, boxers or shorts.
  • As you are being airbrushed you’ll be instructed into a few easy poses. You can immediately get dressed after being airbrushed.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing after the session, if possible.
  • Suggested, but not required.

Single Airbrush Tan

~ $55

Single Airbrush application

Never Stop Glowing

~ $100

Organic Airbrush Tan
Color Me Dark
Face Extender
Body Lotion

Sugar & Spice

~ $125

Body Scrub
Organic Airbursh Tan

Get Your Glow ON!

~ $250

Body Scrub
Spa Manicure w/Gel Polish
Spa Pedicure w/Gel Polish
Organic Airbrush Tan

AirBrush Package

~x3 $125
~x5 $220

5 Tans for the price of 4!

Massage Therapy Services

You'll enjoy the relaxing calm atmosphere that surrounds you in the comfort of our message beds. Your massage therapist will take you through a focused head to toe or specified massage using Organic oils.

30 min Massage

~ $45

45 min Massage

~ $55

60 min Massage

~ $65

90 min Massage

~ $100

4 Handed Massage - 30 min

~ $60

4 Handed Massage - 60 min

~ $95


Head to Toe Indulgence

Manicure/Pedicure/European Facial

~ $150

Your hands and feet will be polished to perfection with our indulging products and your preference of nail polish color. Both hands and feet will receive a massage. You’ll be relaxed in one of our signature treatment rooms for your customized European facial.

Sugar Coated

Body Scrub/Spa Manicure/Spa Pedicure

~ $185

You’ll start your sugar coating in our specially designed treatment room. You’ll be exfoliated in our specially formulated Organic Sugar scrub, followed by a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure which include a massage.

Polished Perfection

Body Wrap/Manicure/Pedicure/Facial

~ $225

You’ll start your Polished Perfection experience with our detoxifying Spa Ritual Body wrap, followed by a customized facial to give the face a perfect polish. Completed with a manicure and pedicure with massages to both hands and feet to end off the Polished Perfection experience.

Dulce Deluxe

Spa Manicure/Spa Pedicure/Deluxe Facial/60min Massage

~ $250

Your Dulce Deluxe will start in our specialized treatment rooms in which you’ll be treated with the Deluxe Facial. You’ll then be completely relaxed in a full body massage. You’ll then follow with the perfect ending to your package, a Spa Pedicure and Spa Manicure.

The Ultimate Sweet Treat

Spa Manicure/Spa Pedicure/Deluxe Facial/Body Wrap/Body Scrub/60 Massage/Lunch included

~ $425

The Ultimate Sweet Treat is the best experience you’ll ever have. Your whole body will go through the top relaxation and beautifying experience. You’ll be started in our specialized treatment rooms, where your face will experience heaven in the Deluxe facial. Your body will be exfoliated in our Sugar Scrub followed by a Body Wrap. Then have your Head to Toe relaxation body massage. You’ll be given a moment to rehydrate and nourishes yourself, with a selection of yummy foods. To end your stay you will be treated with a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure. You’ll be walking out with the best experience of the Vida Dulce.

Build your own

~ Price based on package built

If you require a little extra or have specific services you are looking for to get that perfect spa experience, you can build your own specialized package by choosing from our list of services.

*All packages include a 10% Gratuity.